Top 3 YouTube Videos That Changed My Plant Game

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I honestly love watching YouTube videos. I love videos about fitness, DIY, home design, and of course, plants. 

I have previously spoken about a few plant YouTubers (or as Betsy Begonia calls them PlantTubers) whose content I have enjoyed, and honestly many of them give great advice that has really helped me up my plant game. 

Below I will list my top 3 favourite plant YouTube videos for you to check out. They have offered advice that I found SUPER helpful and saved me a lot of plant heart ache. Have some videos you think I should check out? Sound off in the comments!


Coming in at number three! Betsy Begonia, Houseplant pests: treating aphids, mealy bugs, scale, thrips, white flies, and spider mites

Betsy goes over some great, accessible, tips for treating those obnoxious pest that want to ruin our lives (yes, I am being a bit dramatic).

Watch it here (honestly just watch all her videos cause she is freaking hilarious! Especially this one!)

Moving right along to number two! Harli G, How To Propagate Houseplants From Cutting | How To Water Propagate Indoor Plants

This is a great little video that goes over water propagation which for me, is the best way to propagate. All you soil propagators out there mesmerize me 'cause any plant I try to prop in soil turns to mush.

Watch it here!

She also has a more recent video on her propagation box which I quite enjoyed. You can check that one out here

Last, but not least, number one. Summer Rayne Oaks, Houseplant 101: How Often to Water Your Houseplants - Ep. 119 

Honestly, I think anyone who watches plant YouTube can agree that Summer Rayne Oaks gives AMAZING advice. She has multiple botany related degrees and has done all kind of research, PLUS she has a boat load of houseplants of her own (and a super cute chicken). Basically, she knows her stuff. 

If you know me or have kept up with my IG ( then you'll know I tend to over water (or water inconsistently). I thought the cure to my overwatering was to water a little more often which resulted in some unhappy plants. This video showed me how much to water and gave some great tips. I definitely struggle so much less after watching this and I think it saved many of my plants. 

You can check out her video for yourself here! I highly recommend. 


Well folks, that sums up my list of fav YouTube plant videos. I definitely recommend checking them all out and if you like those, then definitely give them a follow. These videos have made my plants much happier additions to my family. 

Until next time!

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