Easy Care Plants That Aren't Succulents (or Spider Plants)!

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Often when looking for easy care plants, you're directed to succulents. To be totally honest with you, I don't like succulents and they aren't as easy as people pretend. They need more light than is often stated and they can turn quick if you over water them even the tiniest bit. They also aren't always that exciting. That is why I thought this list of easy care plants that are super forgiving would be a great asset to any potential plant parent when shopping around. 


1. Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum and Epipremnum Pinnatum) 

Golden pothos plant in jar with water. Three stone sit in front of it. Background is white.

Probably the most forgiving. Under watered? Fine! Over watered? Pretty good! Super low light? Yup! You're good. Pest prone? Nope! Best of all they can be shared so easily!

Of course they do better with more light, and can get pests like any plant, but they can live in just water quite happily and will let you know when they need water. I have three pothos that are only in water and they grow like crazy. Highly recommend. Plus they are vining and who doesn't love a vining plant?

2. ZZ (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) 

Often referred to as "easy zee zee" this plant lives up to its name. The only way you could kill it would be consistent overwatering. Otherwise you're good to leave this guy in a corner and forget about 'em. Nick Pileggi of YouTube plant fame even suggested that if you water your ZZ more often then you pay rent then you're watering too often! Words to live by for sure.

ZZ are slow growers though. So if you're someone who needs the joy of a new leaf every couple weeks then ZZ might not be for you. They being said they can live for a very long time and can become quite large if given the room! 

3. Snake plant (Dracena family, formerly Sanseveria)

Snake plants don't need much from you. They don't need a ton of light or water. They aren't terribly pest prone either. They can suffer for under watering so definitely watch that, but otherwise you're safe!

Plus snake plants come in such a wide variety of looks and sizes you can probably find one to fit any space in your home! Desk size all the way up to that big empty corner in your living room. 

4. Wax plants (Hoya, specifically Carnosa and certain other varieties) 

Hoya Krimsom Princess on white background

Hoya are currently incredibly popular. There are THOUSANDS of varieties, however not all are created equal. Some are way more difficult to care for than others. So for this list I am specifically referring to Carnosa (though Pubicalyx, Macrophylla and other are also pretty easy going). 

Hoya Carnosa is the most common Hoya. It has lovely, waxy leaves and with the right care can produce beautiful flowers that actually look like a bouquet! It also comes in other colour varieties. Hoya Carnosa Rubra (Krimson Princess) and Hoya Carnosa Tricolour (Krimson Queen) are also very easy going, but a bit slower to grow because of the variegation. 

It doesn't need watered very often, and it can tolerate lower light, but thrives in higher light. If you want a striking, vining plant, with potential for flowers then Hoya Carnosa is an excellent option! Highly recommend.


Well there you have it! Some great plants for beginner plant parents, or those who believe they are lacking a green thumb. These guys are all very forgiving and can really liven up any space! 

Let me know what you think of the list. Do you have other suggestions, or have you enjoyed any of these plants? I always love to hear about other experiences! 

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