Plants for better health?

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There are numerous studies that show plants help with both physical and mental health/ wellbeing. From plants that clean the air to one that simply bring you joy, there is definitely a plant out there that can improve your life. 

Plants for physical health:

We have all likely heard the term, "air purifying plants", but what does that really mean? Don't all plants purify the air in one way or another? 

So first, yes all plant purify the air in one way or another, some plants do a better job of it. Plants like pothos, philodendron, spider plants, snake plants, ferns, and many others do a better job of purifying your home than some others. 

In fact, NASA did a study that goes over which plants will best purify your home. Depending on the plant they will remove specific toxins from the air. An article from Better Homes and Gardens even says that a pineapple plant can help air quality so much that it could stop you from snoring! Plants also increase humidity in your home which is said help your sleep quality and your skin!

Image of person seated on a mat with a small shovel and a snake plant in a terracotta pot. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Plants for mental health:

As a quick disclaimer, I do not think buying a plant will magically cure your anxiety or depression. Mental health in general tends to be something that requires multiple types of treatment, so unfortunately buying a hoya will not do the trick. If you are struggling with mental health, I encourage you to reach out to a professional to talk about various options available to you. 

However, plants have been shown to mildly improve mood, and increase focus. Psychology Today posted an article at the beginning of 2018 talking about both the physical and mental benefits of indoor plants. You can read that article here! Mood boosts, increases in ability to focus, and replenishing your mental processing stores are some pretty great benefits to having a plant. Many office buildings are already incorporating greenery to keep workers happy and productive. The article from Psychology Today did mention that generally leafy plants are better than cactuses unless you grew up in the desert.


Plants can do some pretty cool things, besides just decorating your home. So why not grab a plant to not only spruce up a plain looking space, but improve air quality and potentially your state of mind!

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