Top 5 Favourite Low-ish Light House Plants

low light plant selection

As someone who lives in an apartment with windows that only face one direction and as a resident of the Great White North (aka Canada) I know all too well the struggle of finding a plant that can last through the cold dark winter months. Whenever I would talk to someone about easy care house plants they will often suggest succulents and cacti, which are both plant types that would not last in my apartment. 

Generally speaking my apartment gets okay light. We have decent sized windows that face East, but it often isn't enough in the winter to have cactus and succulents thrive. Instead I got for leafy plants that don't mind lower light. Below is a list of my top five favourite low-ish light house plants.

5. Spider plant. 

Classic, super popular house plant that can easily be propagated. It can also survive in lower light conditions. It also come variegated, although general variegated plants need more light than completely green plants.

4. Maranta (prayer plants). 

Although they do require some light, maranta can do decently well in lower light conditions. Will they thrive and be big and bushy and beautiful? No. Will they make it through the poor light conditions of a Canadian winter? Yes. 

3. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants can get very little light and also need very little water! They are the perfect house plant for the forgetful person with a low light situation. 

2. Philodendron.

Honestly, probably one of my favourite plants in general. They don't need much light at all and can thrive super well even during the lightless winter months. They can easily turn any room into the jungle room of your dreams!

1. Pothos. 

The Sorry Girls did a test of low light house plants in one of their videos (which you can check out here!) and found the pothos didn't just survive, it thrived! They kept the plants in a windowless bathroom for 30 days and the pothos even got a new leaf! Will that be permanent? No. Your plant will need light eventually, but will definitely make it through winter indoors in Canada!

Do you agree with my picks? Have others you prefer more? Let me know in the comments! 

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