About Me

When I started to finally be able to collect plants, I was almost immediately hooked. Watching them grow, feeling responsible for them, and just being able to look at them everyday gave me such feelings or joy. 

To be able to feed my growing plant habit I decided to start this business, selling my propagations and some plant accessories from various suppliers. I also wanted to be able to bring that joy plants gave me to others. At the time there wasn't very many Canadian online plant sellers, but since then loads have popped up sharing the plant happiness all over the country!

I love watching plant videos on YouTube, reading about plants, and buying plants in poor condition in a feeble attempt to resuscitate them (an honestly terrible idea that has yet to work in my favour). I will take any excuse to go plant shopping no matter the time of year. I have even started learning more about our native plant species here in Canada/ Ontario, identifying them, and their various uses. 

Anyways, enough about me! Please enjoy my little shop and let me know if you have any questions or issues! You can use the contact form on the Contact Me page, email info@thatplantshop.ca, or message me on Instagram @thatplantshop.ca

Thanks for reading!